The Last Camel Ride

Théodore Monod

Poster of “The Last Camel Ride”


“An old film but one of my best memory, 800 kms on camels, with Théodore Monod, 94 years old, a great desert expert from the Museum of National History, Paris.

He wanted an old style expedition to go out and look for some special stones: no GPS, no radio contact, no satellite phone, just 2 bedouins, Theodore, his 70 years old geologist cousin, myself and 9 camels.

I felt like an old explorer.”

My place in the film’s team

  • This particular expedition could not take more than one man on the field to make the film, because of water supply and scarce food for the camels across the desert. So I had to manage the filming on my own. A great experience… full of sand!

  • Director
  • Land cameraman
  • Sound engineer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Dust cleaner !

Watch the film


Please contact me to obtain a free access to the full film.

Technical Specifications

Nature documentary
26 min
Available version


Luc Marescot
Protecrea production
Nicolas Hulot

(to be completed)

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