The Mountains Of Silence

Poster of “The Mountains Of Silence”


“An old film but most probably the best human experience I had in a remote place of the world.

With some great people, hard of hearing, we sailed to the subantarctic island of South Georgia, and crossed the island by foot, ski, over high mountains to follow the tracks of the English explorer Ernest Shakleton.

Hearing and hard of hearing had to communicate to go through all the difficulties, it was a wonderful solidarity experience, full of emotions. I realized how hard it is to be hard of hearing in our society, and I hope this film will help the viewers to consider them much better than they usually are. We were in one of the most beautiful place on earth, and yet I found the human experience so much greater than the landscapes we came across.”

My place in the film’s team

  • Director
  • Land cameraman
  • Scriptwriter

Watch the film


Please contact me to obtain a free access to the full film.

Technical Specifications

Adventure and nature
52 min
Available versions


Luc Marescot
Atom production
Association les Montagnes du Silence
Sound engineer
Olivier Gil
Pascal Tournaire
Expedition leader
Daniel Buffard

(to be completed)

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